Aditi Singh
Clinical Psychologist

Someone has truly said that school is a child's second home. Kids spent most of their waking hours in the school. Hence, naturally, we parents want to select the best one for our tiny tots. A school where our kids will feel as much at ease as at their home. A school, where the atmosphere is friendly and the staff compassionate. Our desperate hunt got over when our daughter was enrolled in KJVN. We had chosen this relatively new and small school overlooking numerous established and reputed institutions around us. And to our pleasant surprise, this school turned to be much more than what we were looking for. Be it academics or extra curricular activities, the students are always encouraged to give their best. They are taught not just to win but also accept defeat gracefully and further learning a lesson or two from the mistakes. Here they learn not just discipline but also compassion. In the due course of time I noticed how concerned, congenial and approachable the teachers here were. They focussed on students' emotional quotient and the social quotient as much as Intelligence Quotient.

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. Testing times appeared out of thin air due to corona out break and subsequent lockdown. Running virtually, the school management, teachers and staff handled everything with the ease of experts. The classes, extra curricular activities, exams and parent teacher meetings at regular intervals were all done in a manner that reflected the hard work and the underlying zeal.

Today when my daughter has moved out after passing 10th std, it's difficult to say who misses this campus more, the parent or the child. I really wish this school gets upgraded to 12 th std. So that, after 10th grade, the students don't have to search for another institution of similar repute or compromise for a lesser one.

Job Michael MLA
MLA - Changanacherry

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all you have done for my daughter. I am in awe at how much Lauren has grown both emotionally and intellectually since last year.




Janaki S First Year MBBS Student

Don’t know why, but a smile blooms on my face and my heart seems to be full when I pen down to write about my Alma Mater … Kristu Jyoti Vidya Niketan.It takes me back to those good olden days…. those corridors, classrooms, playground. everything that witnessed a greater part of my childhood….as well as of my friends’ too. Till date the best decision in my life was to accept the offer I got to join KJVN, at the grade of four, in 2012, when it started functioning. Honestly words are not enough to express the gratitude I have to this institution and its faculties, who played a commendable role in making me what I am today. It did a lot of contribution in my progress both academically as well as non-academically. And above all it did a majestic role in my growth as a person. School had a well organised academic calendar and I still remember how sincerely all my teachers, principal and all other staff worked so as to make us excel in our academics. And obviously it was the result of that conjoint hard work that our batch passed out of tenth grade with flying colours in the year of 2019.I still remember how enthusiastically me and my friends took part in all events and competitions and we thus inculcated good organising and leadership qualities too.

Literally I just can’t express how much this institution had influenced my life…it is just beyond words and I will forever be grateful to my school for the same. Those were the ever best part of my life that even now when I scroll back through the pictures it just renders me immense joy and I just get lost in those memories. But time flew so fast and now we are out of that uniform, but still we have the same vibe when we get back there, once in a while to cherish those days, just a small difference that we grew up a little big that we may not fit in that attire anymore . Cheers to those golden days at KJVN that just stole the deepest part in my heart.
   With Love,
    Proud Niketian forever.
    Janaki S