Co-curricular Activities

Co-Curricular activities are an integral part of our students’ holistic development, which helps them to enhance the learning process and develop their innate potentialities.

We strive to create a dynamic environment to bring out the best in our students by giving them opportunities to participate in different co-curricular activities. It is mandatory for all our students to participate in any one CCA activity. One and a half hours every week is set apart to train children in their chosen area of interest, which is supervised by highly qualified instructors. This includes activities like Art & Craft,Yoga,Musical instruments like Piano,Guitar,Karate,Dane,Drawing and Skating.Our primary goal is to incite passion and provide a fun way for children to discover and embrace the spirit of relentless learning.

Art & Craft

Art and Craft aims to foster intellectual development, bilateral coordination, development of motor skills, self-expression and creativity. We value every child’s imagination and inspire them to expand their wings of creativity through various art & craft activities.


Children can navigate life’s challenges with comparative ease by practicing yoga.Yoga creates a positive impact on the social and mental development of our children,which is a necessity in the current time.


Learning to play the piano helps our children to improve their hand eye coordination, develops language skills & reasoning abilities and increases their memory power.


Mastering the art of playing guitar teaches our children the true essence of hardwork& time management.It also boosts their self confidence and develops an open mind towards trying new things.


Learning karate is a very exciting experience for our children as it teaches them the art of self defence, a great skill that every child must possess.It also helps our children to get the necessary physical exercise in an exciting way and also aids their physical and mental development.


Dance is a good source of fun exercise as well as a creative outlet for our children.It is the medium wherein inhibitions are shed and expression takes over.Being part of a group activity,it promotes the importance of team work and develops the ability to work in a group environment.


Drawing enhances the memory power of our children and boosts their learning.It also provides a new set of skills for self expression, communication, creativity and endless amazement for our children.


Skating provides a complete aerobic workout which involves all the body muscles.Our children learn different dance lifts and spin through skating.