Late Fr.Joseph Kannampuzha.S.J. was the founder director of Snehabhavan Charitable Society. Its meaning and inspiration is derived from the late Fr. Joseph Kannampuzha S.J.

He was a Jesuit priest belonging to Kerala Jesuit province. Moved and sensitized by the physical and mental sufferings of people he opted for a life closer to the poor, the DISABLED and weaker sections of Society. After his retirement from the prestigious Jesuit institutions, he came to Kottayam to join the Jesuit community of Santhinilayam, Kumaranalloor in 1989. During that time the district collector drew his attention to a group, absolutely neglected by all, waiting for the care of generous volunteers. The neglected group referred to was the disabled persons.


A rapid survey and his own personal visits convinced him of the tragic situation of these persons.


  • There were polio victims at the mercy of poor families.
  • There were victims struck down by muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy victims become prey to the dreaded malady while they are very young. The muscles become weaker and weaker as a result of dystrophy prone genes, until the children fall paralyzed, unable to get up for life.
  • He has seen children with multiple disorders. A child of eight, running about till the age of four, suddenly fell down with epileptic fits and gradually became speechless and paralyzed in course of time.
  • He could see so many paraplegics who are in despair.

Struck by these tragic situations, he called around him some like-minded persons and constituted a registered body known as Snehabhavan Society, to rehabilitate the disadvantaged persons.